LOVE 365


Back to School Love

This program is designed to ensure that students from low income families have the tools to perform well in the classroom.  Every child that attends this event receives a book bag filled with school supplies. We do our best to create book bags that meet the classroom needs of middle, elementary and high schools. We try to pack each bag with a well-rounded menu that should last each student well into the semester.


Each gift of $20 covers a child’s book bag, supplies and entire experience at this festival. This means that your sponsorship gift of $100 covers 5 children who will able to attend this event, have fun and get the tools that they need. Click the button below and sponsor a child today.


Heart Packs

Our volunteers spend hours collecting and organizing backpacks (HEART PACKS) to give out to people in need in our community.  These HEARTpacks are filled with the smallest items that may help with the day to day needs. Items can include: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, water, etc. A donation of $20 can help us fill one Heart Pack.

$20=1 Heart Pack  $40=2 Heart Packs  $100=5 Heart Packs  $500=25 Heart Packs   $1,000=50 Heart Packs




Skip-A-Meals Thursdays

Each Thursday, instead of eating out, use your mobile device to visit our website and donate $8. Every meal that you skip puts $8 toward our annual Thanksgiving & Christmas Parties for the community. Join the Skip-A-Meal Community by making a donation today.

Our Goal is 1,000 Meals by Thanksgiving


$8 =1 Meal       $24=3 Meals    $80=10 Meals


Donate A Meal                      Donate Meals Weekly            Donate Meals Monthly


Toys for Tots

During the holiday season, we provide each child with a toy package that has at least 3 toys in it, not including the children’s books and other educational materials that we include. This means that we must raise at least 1,500 toys to take care of 500 children to make an impact.